FARPlus, GCI’s Standard FAR Service

Because GCI is so consistent sending the updates timely, I can be confident that what is in my binder is accurate and up-to-date. Thank you for such good service!

Reene’ Watt
Administrative Officer, EPA

With FARplus, you get immediate access to accurate, up-to-date federal contracting regulations.

The FARplus CD, issued every other month, puts regulatory references at your fingertips. The FARplus CD provides:  

  • Completely searchable FAR, DFARS and other key agency supplements, including the DEAR, NASA, GSAR, and HSAR
  • Easy-to-use keyword and phrase search tools
  • A simply cut-and-paste function to flow down the exact language for use in subcontracts and suppliers’ agreements
  • Instant email notification of regulatory changes with at-a-glance abstracts
  • PDF version of FAR updates
  • Printable and fillable forms, including more than 90 FAR forms

Click HERE for a FARplus CD demo/tutorial.

The FARplus service also includes:

  • A site license option so multiple users can access the FARplus service

To learn more about the FARplus please fill out the form below or call (888) 275-2264 to get additional information.